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Mousepad Professional Gaming Bloody Specter Claw B-087S 700x300mm A4-Tech

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  • SMOOTH. FRICTIONLESS. ABSOLUTE PRECISION. The delicate smooth surface mouse mat is suitable for speed required gameplay, such as RTS real-time strategy games. The lesser surface resistance, the faster and smoother game control.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR BOTH SPEED AND CONTROL. Perfect for both speed and control, Bloody features a cloth surface that gives you extreme accuracy and comfort. The precise, consistent surface feels your every mouse movement, so you hold every action by yourself!
  • Smooth Surface. Bloody control-mats have marvelous smooth and flat texture, it is suitable for gamers who need to slip quickly across with hindrance to hit the targets faster and efficiently.

  • Easy to Move and Stop. Made of pliable material, the pad is easy to roll up or expand. The grid at the pad bottom produces tremendous air while expanding to form a resistance-free surface. It ensures the mouse tracking performs with optimal accuracy.

  • Exceptional Fine Knitting Craft Edges. Bloody mouse mat made with exceptional fine knitting craft to the pad edges as to protect the braided edges not to be tilted easily or too sharp to cut the hand. It also ensures the pad is durable for a prolonged life time with comfort.