Marvo Scorpion 3 in 1 RGB, Wired, USB – Сет 3 во 1 (Тастатура + Подлога за глувче + Глувче, Жичани) CM306

1,521.00 ден

Marvo Scorpion 3 in 1 Gaming Set Keyboard + Mouse + Mousepad Combo, RGB, Wired, USB – Сет 3 во 1 (Тастатура + Подлога за глувче + Глувче Жичани) CM306
  • 3-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit
    • Game confident with 19-key rollover support for enhanced commands readings
    • Quickly access and control the volume of your media player, check email and more
    • Streamlined mouse shape accommodates various grip styles
    • Quick 4-step DPI selection button
    • Optimized tracking accuracy for both laser and optical sensors
    • Rainbow backlight, see-through character lighting
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