1,190.00 ден

Броj на играчи: 1-5
Времетраење: 15 мин.
Возраст: 4+
Издавач: Ravensburger
Let´s Play! There are many stories waiting to be discovered and told! Each player uses their memory skills to try to be the first player to collect all five story cards about a single character. Once all of the players have collected all of their story cards, they arrange their cards to tell a story of their choice. Maybe the kitten unraveled the sweater and rolled the yarn into a tidy ball. Or maybe the clever kitten started with the ball of yarn and knit his very own sweater! Encourages children to develop their imagination and creativity as well as logical thinking and language skills.

ДОБИЈ БЕСПЛАТНА ДОСТАВА! Дополни ја кошничката, ти недостасуваат само уште 1,500.00 ден.

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